VAWC Helplines and Resources


Philippine National Police:

PNP Hotline: 117
PNP Women and Children Protection Center 
Hotline: (0919) 777 7377
24/7 AVAWCD Office: (02) 8532-6690
Email: / /

National Bureau of Investigation:

Legal Assitance

Public Attourney's Office

  • (02) 8929-9436 local 106, 107, or 159 (local “0” for operator)
  • (0939) 323 3665

The Gender Perspective in Martial Law Research and Literature

Violence against women (VAW) Spotlight:

As part of the National 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW), the VAW Spotlight series turns its attention to the circumstances of militarization, which brought about a virulent and systematic form of abuse targeted towards women, especially during the Martial Law regime, abuse that still persists today. 

Women's Series

March is “Women’s Role in History Month,” as provided for in Presidential Proclamation No. 227 of 1988. It recognizes the leadership of women in creating “a more fair and just society for all,” and celebrates the historical contributions of Filipino women of every class, religion, and ethnic background to all the major progressive social movements.

This March 2022, we look at the stories and messages of six women whose principles spurred them into boldly defying the Marcos dictatorship. Some of them did not live to see the fall of the dictatorship, having laid their lives on the line in the pursuit of their ideals. Some of them, however, continue to this day in dedicating their lives to protect the rights and dignities of human rights violations victims (HRVVs). May their examples inspire more generations of courageous, free-thinking, and principled Filipinas who will lead the way to greater equity and opportunities for all.

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