HRVVMC Employees Gain Insight and Inspiration from MOVE Orientation

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Published on August 24, 2023
Title slide of MOVE presentation

In a bid to foster a culture of gender equality and actively combat violence against women, the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) organized a dynamic orientation on Men Opposed to Violence Against Women Everywhere (MOVE). The insightful event took place on 04 August 2023, at The Hive Hotel, Quezon City, and was a success in enhancing awareness and inspiring action.

The orientation, led by Mr. Reynaldo G. De Guia, National Chairperson of MOVE Philippines, was a two-part session that explored the critical issues surrounding violence against women and the pivotal role that men can play in eradicating it.

Mr. De Guia Introduces the talk entitled USAPING LALAKI: Orientation on Men Opposed to Violence Against Women Everywhere (MOVE)

The morning session commenced with a comprehensive introduction to the multifaceted realm of Violence Against Women (VAW). Mr. De Guia adeptly navigated through the web of legislation that seeks to prevent and address gender-based violence. Employees were introduced to the different laws in place that prohibit such violence and the government programs designed to safeguard the welfare of its victims. A key focus was placed on empowering men to take an active stance against VAW by understanding and embracing their responsibilities in its prevention.

During the afternoon session, Mr. De Guia delved into the organizational profile of MOVE Philippines, offering a window into the structure and activities of its various chapters. The engaging discussion provided attendees with valuable insights into the advocacy group’s efforts, inspiring them to consider the establishment of a MOVE Chapter within the HRVVMC itself.

Mr. de Guia explains the MOVE organization

The MOVE orientation was a crucial step in broadening the perspective of HRVVMC employees and empowering them with the knowledge and motivation needed to actively contribute to the fight against violence against women. The event not only provided a platform for learning about gender-based violence and its prevention but also highlighted the vital role that men can play in creating a safer and more inclusive society.

Reflecting on the significance of the orientation, Mr. Gian Mayo of the Resource and Archives Division remarked,

“We believe that change starts from within, and by educating and engaging our employees, we are sowing the seeds of a more compassionate and equitable future. The MOVE orientation has equipped our team with the insights and tools needed to be catalysts for positive change in our organization and beyond.”

DED Salazar Speaks to HRVVMC Staff during the session

HRVVMC staff provide their insights during the MOVE Orientation

The HRVVMC remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding human rights and, initiatives like the MOVE orientation serve as powerful reminders of the collective responsibility we all share in creating a world free from violence and discrimination.

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DED Salazar presents Mr. de Guia his Certificate of Appreciation

DED Charles Salazar presents Mr. Reynaldo G. De Guia a Certificate of Appreciation.