Powers and Functions of the Board:

(a) Receive, evaluate, process and investigate applications for claims under this Act;

(b) Issue subpoena/sad testificandumand subpoena/sduces tecum;

(c) Conduct independent administrative proceedings and resolve disputes over claims;

(d) Approve with finality all eligible claims under this Act;

(e) Deputize appropriate government agencies to assist it in order to effectively perform its functions;

(f) Promulgate such rules as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act, including rules of procedure in the conduct of its proceedings, with the Revised Rules of Court of the Philippines having suppletory application;

(g) Exercise administrative control and supervision over its Secretariat;

(h) Consult, at its discretion, human rights organizations and other stakeholders; and

(i) Turn over the database derived from the processing of claims to the Memorial Commission for archival purposes, and made accessible for the promotion of human rights to all government agencies and instrumentalities in order to prevent recurrence of similar abuses, encourage continuing reforms and contribute to ending impunity.

j) Perform such other duties, functions and responsibilities as may be necessary to effectively attain the objectives of this Act.