Message of the Executive Director on International Museum Day 2023


Listen to HRVVMC Executive Director Chuck Crisanto as he delivers his message on this International Museum Day – 2023.

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission is one with the community in celebrating International Museum Day with the theme ‘Museums, Sustainability, and Well-being.’

The Commission’s mandate of building the Freedom Memorial Museum ties in with this year’s theme. With its goal being to provide a venue for dialogue and reflection. Thus, enabling people to address present challenges by learning from the past.

Discover the profound impact museums have on our lives as we commemorate this special day. #InternationalMuseumDay2023

Message from Executive Director Chuck Crisanto:

Executive Director: “Dear friends and colleagues,

We at the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission are delighted to join the global community of museums in celebrating International Museum Day 2023 with the theme Museums, Sustainability and Well-being.

Our Commission’s work ties in closely with this year’s theme due to our efforts to create an immersive museum experience that embodies the values of accountability and solidarity alongside human dignity while promoting sustainability. Museums play a pivotal role in improving well-being by encouraging cultural diversity and respect for human rights against the backdrop of a well-conserved natural environment.

Our future memorial museum will serve an important purpose: sharing stories of both victims and heroes from the Martial Law period with truth and compassion while providing ample opportunities for people to participate in engaging dialogues and reflecting on the lessons learned from the past so we may address present-day challenges. At its core is helping individuals understand how they can be instruments of sustainable development by reminding them of their social responsibility using different platforms towards inclusive societal growth- ultimately furthering our progress towards a just and humane society. Through their ability to incite curiosity, stir discussions, and foster connections between people aiming towards a brighter future, museums serve as invaluable agents for societal growth.

In closing, we wish to thank all those who have continuously supported and contributed to the development of our memorial museum.

Thank you very much, and a Happy International Museum Day!