This is an article about a Human Rights Violation Victim of the Martial Law era. To view the rest of the Roll of Victims see this link: Roll of Victims

Despite an exhaustive online search of articles, e-library databases and websites, no mention of Pedro Basunillo can be found other than his name in the Freedom Memorial’s Roll of Victims.[[1]] When searching up the name on Google, all combinations of his name, “Pedro,” “Pedro Basunillo,” even taking into consideration alternative spellings such as “Basinillo,” as well as keywords such as “Martial Law,” “Marcos,” and “human rights” were taken into consideration but yielded no results. All available books were checked to no avail as well.

Given the current situation of the country as Filipinos face the COVID-19 pandemic, conducting research, accessing sources and visiting archives have been made more difficult. At this time, it is not possible to construct a satisfactory profile on Basunillo that will do him justice. This profile will be updated as more sources become available. Nevertheless, Pedro Basunillo is given recognition as one of the motu proprio victims of the Martial Law period.



 “Roll of Victims.” Freedom Memorial. Accessed June 10, 2021.

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Basunillo, Pedro